Corey Allen Photography

About Me

When I was 16 I regularly took the family camera to school with me. It was a simple digital camera that had quality that was much better than smart phones at the time. It fit in my pocket and I used it constantly. Many questioned why I always had a camera with me. My general response was why not?  There are so many moments in a day that go uncaptured. Once I was a sophomore in college my mother kindly purchased an entry-level DSLR  for me and the rest was history. 4 years later I specialize in wedding, family and sports photography. After shooting 3 weddings and countless photoshoots I have found that photography Is my passion and I hope to share my passion for many years to come.


Freelance Photographer based in St. Louis, Missouri. Prices vary. Please call, text or email me for a quote on your photography needs.

Phone: 309-648-0871


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